you can

how to create

grow food from trash


Cut open a bottle half way, pop some seeds into some scrap paper

Waste Water Willpower

Mash up

Pop a flyer into the greenhouse with the seeds. Youre done!

Waste Water Willpower

No Bottle?

No problem! They can be found anywhere, clip some seeds onto a flyer!

Donate time seeds or pamphlets

Please contact me if you feel you can help in any way, I will put idle hands to work! 🙂

waste water and will power

Share the Love

The ladies at Masekhethele have kindly donated a round of flyers to get us started! Also a wonderful initiative, supporting and uplifting many communities, giving sewing, beading and waste picking opportunities! GO check them out and maybe pick up a stylish bag made from recycled PET fabric!

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Don't limit yourself

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